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Situational awareness through computer vision & AI is our solution to the challenges posed by autonomous flight. It’s how we will make urban air mobility and autonomous drone missions an everyday reality.

Situational Awareness

In today’s digital world, video streams are by far the most common data type available. Our mission is to equip autonomous flying vehicles with situational awareness capabilities that will give them the ability to position and navigate themselves, observe a given scene, digitally analyze it, extract the relevant insights from it, and take the appropriate actions – key capabilities for any aerial mission.

Sightec gives drones the ability to analyze what they see and respond in real-time, so they can autonomously perform complex tasks that were previously impossible. We enable vision-based orientation and navigation, real-time detection and tracking, and autonomous monitoring and inspection.

Emerging from extensive academic research and long industry experience in solving complex computer vision & AI challenges, our proprietary core technology teams up with the latest hardware and software to offer a pioneering and powerful-yet-lightweight solution.

Real time Inspection

We provide real-time inspection solutions that are extremely precise and accurate. Our simple-yet-powerful robotic vision technology offers high performance, light weight, and cost effectiveness to make autonomous missions an everyday reality.

In order to minimize or eliminate human involvement, inspection drones must be able to understand what they see while in the air in real-time. They have to be able to gather and analyze data at various altitudes with minimal hardware and network bandwidth. Our powerful and proven solutions can detect the tiniest changes in ground- or air-based scenes using very limited resources. Gimbal-free stabilization reduces the payload’s weight and extends flight time, and our GPS-free navigation functions in areas like urban canyons more accurately than standard GPS systems.

Safe Mobility

Sightec’s navigation technologies enable drones and UAVs of all sizes to perform their missions 100% safely and reliably. Our image-based technologies are powerful, lightweight and cost effective, making them ideal for missions in GPS-denied areas. Their capabilities are superior to GPS, and they protect against GPS spoofing threats.

As their uses evolve, autonomous or semi-autonomous flying vehicles will need redundant systems that will have to know how to deal with emergencies in addition to performing common functions like taking off, navigating, avoiding obstacles, and landing. Our image-based systems don’t rely on an aircraft’s network connection and can effectively perform all these tasks to bring a vehicle safely to its destination.

Core Technologies

All of our technologies process and analyze video streams in real-time autonomously, while using the drone’s limited resources in the air. Everything is conducted in the moment, allowing for much better results and more effective and efficient decision-making.


Video streams are often unstable due to camera vibration, a narrow field of view, distant subjects, etc. Today, gimbals are the most common way to remove instability – an expensive, heavy, and complex solution. Sightec’s software-only real-time video stabilization takes a different approach. In addition to standing on its own, our patented technique is the foundation for other technologies and uses as well.


It’s often the case when shooting video while moving that the output is virtually unwatchable due to extensive camera shaking. Sightec’s software-based smoothing technology takes a live video and in real-time smooths it out to make it much more comfortable for the human eye to view. And it does this without compromising any critical information.

Detection & Tracking

In many fields, inspection tasks are becoming increasingly critical while growing more complex and difficult to complete manually. Our software-based real-time detector and tracker is designed for small-footprint hardware on autonomous flying vehicles like drones, UAVs and VTOLs. Combining proprietary computer vision algorithms with deep learning, it offers the ability to detect very small objects from very high altitudes with exceptional accuracy.

3D Modeling

In the last few years, a race has been underway to digitally map the planet. Sightec’s advanced 3D core technology enables flying vehicles to create 3D maps of the earth’s surface in real-time while airborne and to make these maps instantly available for other applications. The updated model is constantly streamed to the global mapping cloud database.

GPS-Free Navigation

In the air, connections to GPS systems can be unreliable or unavailable, and they’re not accurate enough for certain missions. Every aircraft must be able to precisely position itself in space, so relying solely on GPS is not enough – a back-up system is critical. Sightec’s image-based navigation technology is more accurate than a GPS system and enables autonomous aircraft to continue flying safely even when a signal is lost.

Super Resolution

To improve the resolution of a lens/sensor combination, you need to generate a synthetic camera with better optical specs than the actual setup allows. While other methods use a uniform model for all pixels, ours uses a large number of images to generate a unique model per pixel. The resulting image has a resolution beyond the diffraction limit of the physical lens with a signal-to-noise ratio superior to any other method.


Want to see our technology in action? These videos showcase some of our capabilities.

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