Visual Intelligence for drones

Unlock your drones' full potential by giving them the intelligence to comprehend what they see and respond to it in real-time. Enabling them greater autonomy to operate beyond-visual-line-of-sight with minimal reliance on human operators or GPS.

How Does Our Solution Work?

our software. your drones.

Sightec is the brains behind the camera lens: Using pioneering machine-vision and AI technology, our software processes the visual feed from your drone's onboard camera to provide it with advanced real-time visual situational awareness in any environment — day or night.

for game-changing performance.

gps-free navigation

Remove the risks of GPS loss or jamming to ensure uninterrupted drone operations in any environment

Real-Time Aerial ANALYTICS

Provide security and first responders valuable real-time aerial analytics to drive better informed decision-making


Allow operators to safely handle multiple drones for more streamlined and scalable operations

safety. efficiency. scale.

Visual Intelligence is being adopted by leading industry operators, manufacturers and integrators to create a commercially viable future for drone operations

What Makes Our Solution Unique?​


No need for costly hardware upgrades. Sightec uses advanced proprietary algorithms to pack its powerful machine-vision and AI technology into a uniquely lightweight solution. Allowing it to deliver optimal performance across any platform — from your fully customized UAS to small off-the-shelf drones.​

efficiently Lightweight


Low Power

day or

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Our clients include OEMs, UAS integrators, governments, corporates and service providers in a wide range of UAS applications including aerospace, public safety, security, inspection, delivery and Advanced Air Mobility.

A vision to unlock the future