A Revolution In Real-Time Video Analysis

Sightec's unique subpixel-accuracy registration algorithm, co-developed by world-class experts in Signal Processing, is a game changer in real-time video analysis. Application areas are endless and include the defense industry, HLS, medical imaging and diverse consumer apps.

Sightec partners include Israel Ministry of Defense and IDF.

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Software Stabilizer
Real-time • Drift-free • Software-only (<1 Intel® Core• Super-accurate (<1 pixel error) • Demo

Video Mosaicing
Building a reliable wide-angle sphere as in a panoramic view, while the imaging device explores the area

Detection and Tracking
Minimal object size: 3-5 pixels (considerably less than inter-frame movement)

Sightec's Super-Resolution factor: X4, X8 and beyond • Market standard: X2, X4

Patented IP
Patent protected by registered and pending US patent applications

Full Compatibility
Compatible with any device: Smartphone/pocket camera, security camera, airborne/satellite camera, etc.

Object Detection
Detection of severely deformed objects in highly cluttered environment

3D Modeling
Generation of 3D models from image sequences

Lossless Compression
High-ratio lossless compression of video streams taken by fixed yet shaking/vibrating devices


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